Trusteeship and cooperation in fur trading – For You

Fur Trade Association (Turkiskaupan Liitto, Fur Finland) is the Finnish organization for promotion of interests and cooperation of the fur trading companies in Finland. Our members represent fur garment manufacturing and refashioning, retail and wholesale trading, fur dressing and leather supplying.

Our assignment is to act as a guardian for local fur trading business in cooperation with legislator and other social actors, media, educational institutions and other associations.

A year-round garment

Like linen, silk or wool fur is a natural material besides it’s overwhelming in versatility. Fur is in a firm position in the fashion world – more than 200 leading international designers use fur in their collections.

New processing and dyeing methods have made fur a year-round product. Besides outdoor clothing, fur is used in other garments, in dresses and suits, in jacket collars, stoles, cuffs or other details and accessories, as well as in scarfs and evening dresses.

Fur coats and fur accessories are available in fur stores, in department stores and in fashion boutiques. The members of Fur Trade Federation are to help their customers in finding a perfect fur garment – something perfect and suitable for every purpose, formal or casual.

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